Medical Instrumentation

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Class Meetings Schedule

Shown below is the planned schedule for the class meetings. These will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 - 10:20am in Room 003 of the Electrical Engineering Building (EEB). This classroom is located at the far West end of the upper basement level of the building. It is also known as the Robert Rushmer Room.

There may be some departures from this schedule! The due dates for various assignments are also shown below.

Date Class Meeting Agenda Assignment Due
M, Mar. 31 Course Introduction, Overview of Medical Instrumentation.  
W, Apr. 2 Cell Resting Potentials, Action Potentials  
F, Apr. 4 Synaptic Potentials  
M, Apr. 7 Electrode Fundamentals and Models Project Proposal due.
W, Apr. 9 Electrode Technology Homework 1 due.
F, Apr. 11   Initial Specs. due.
M, Apr. 14 Instrumentation Systems and Amplifiers  
W, Apr. 16 Signals, Interference, Noise, and Errors Homework 2 due.
F, Apr. 18 Cardiac Physiology  
M, Apr. 21 Cardiac Physiology  
W, Apr. 23 Clinical and Practical ECG Systems Homework 3 due.
F, Apr. 25 Engineering Discovery Days - No Class.  
M, Apr. 28 ECG and EMG Systems and Demonstration  
W, Apr. 30 Heart Rate Monitors Homework 4 due.
F, May 2 Electrical Safety  
M, May 5 Grounding, Shielding, and Interference  
W, May 7 Ground Loops and Ground Bounce Homework 5 due.
F, May 9   Eng. Standards due.
M, May 12 Circulatory Physiology  
W, May 14 Blood Pressure and Flow Homework 6 due.
F, May 16 Circulatory Measurements  
M, May 19 Ventilation Mechanics  
W, May 21 Respiratory Physiology Homework 7 due.
F, May 23 Air and Blood Gas Exchange Final Specs. due.
M, May 26 Memorial Day Holiday - No Class.  
W, May 28 Thermoregulation and Body Temperature Homework 8 due.
F, May 30 Metabolism and Activity Instrumentation  
M, June 2 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes  
W, June 4 Cardiac Pacemakers and Defibrillators Homework 9 due.
F, June 6   Checkout Demo due.
M, June 9 Finals Week Final Design Doc due.
W, June 11 Finals Week  
F, June 13 Finals Week