Medical Instrumentation

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Class Meetings Discussion Topics Slides

Some, but not all, of the class discussion topics will be in the form of slides. These can be downloaded using the links shown below. Other reference material that may pertain to certain topics will also have links here. Class discussions concerning the capstone design project will obviously not have slides, but some supporting materials may be included here.

Each of the slide sets below covers the basic physiological principles and instrumentation for measurements of those parameters. Various sensor and instrumentation technologies are also discussed as part of this, and some of this technical data may be useful for the design projects. The technology topics included in each slide set are shown in parentheses below.


Bioelectrodes (electrochemical sensing, electrochemical electrodes)

Electrophysiology (biopotential amplifiers)

Electrical Safety and Grounding (electrical isolators)

Circulation (strain gauges, pressure sensors)

Ventilation (flow sensors, plethysmographs)

Respiration (gas analysis, optical absorption measurements, pulse oximeters)

Thermoregulation (temperature sensors)

Metabolism (accelerometers, activity loggers, pedometers)

Electrostimulation (batteries, pulse output stages)