Research Centers

Faculty from the UW's Department of Electrical Engineering are part of several nationally recognized research centers.

Center for Applied Microtechnology (CAM)

Microtechnology is the manipulation of matter at the micrometer scale. This new discipline embraces both the existing microelectronics industry and exciting emerging research and development fields such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Center for Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits (CDADIC)

This research center addresses problems associated with analog and mixed-signal research. Analog and mixed-mode integrated circuit (IC) devices have important applications in many fields including avionics, space technology, and medical technology. The technical advantages of using this type of circuitry range from enhanced performance to improved miniaturization of products.

Center for Auditory and Acoustic Research (CAAR)

Our Center for Auditory and Acoustic Research devises mathematical models of the powerful performance of mammalian hearing and evaluates the usefulness of these new approaches for a wide range of applications. The applications we have devised new solutions for include: acoustic diagnostic monitoring systems for manufacturing processes; battlefield acoustic signal analysis, sound analysis and recognition systems; and detection and recognition of underwater transients.

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