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Communications and Networking Group

Research and teaching in our group is on Communication Theory and Networks as it relates to real-world modern communication systems. We believe in educational excellence through cutting edge research, and offer a large number of courses starting from the undergraduate level through advanced graduate courses and directed study.

Research in communication systems has long been associated with various functional blocks in these systems from source coding to modulation to networking. This includes the traditional classification of research topics in communication theory:

With the growth of mobile computing and broadband communications, a constant review of the traditional approach in each of the above classifications becomes more essential and promising. These issues arise in a wide variety of real systems such as:

In each of these areas, the particular aspect of the problem requires a fresh and innovative look at the design principles in the technology. Our research is to underline and understand the inherent trade-offs in the design of communication systems. Furthermore, through serious and meaningful research collaborations and partnerships, we have vibrant research activity in cross layer wireless communication design from link layer to network layer to security.

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