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Integrated Systems Group

The Integrated Systems Group in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington consists of five core faculty, 60 research assistants, five research staff positions, as well as two computer support specialists and two admins.

Professor David Allstot's research lab is centered on the design of mixed-signal/RF system-on-chip solutions in silicon technologies, with an emphasis on mulitple-antenna RF transceivers, calibration techniques for high-speed precision A/D converters, and RF CAD synthesis.

Professor Richard Shi's research lab is aimed at computer-aided design of mixed analog-digital and radio-frequency circuits and systems, with an emphasis on modeling, simulation and layout automation techniques.

Professor Scott Hauck's lab is focused on FPGAs, chips that can be programmed and reprogrammed to implement complex digital logic. His students work on VLSI layout, CAD tools, and applications of these devices to high-performance computing.

Professor Mani Soma's research lab works on design-for-test and test methods for mixed analog-digital systems and radio-frequency systems, with an emphasis on on-chip built-in test and techniques for on-chip waveform generation and measurements.

Professor Carl Sechen's research lab pursues the development of very low power and high-speed digital IC design, both synchronous and asynchronous, including datapath, control and memories. In addition to designing circuits, students develop a variety of CAD tools, including transistor sizing (for a variety of logic families) and automatic cell layout. Students are also developing a radiation-hardened, course-grained programmable array for digital signal processing applications. A complete set of tools for radiation-hardness by design of digital ICs using conventional fabrication processes is also being developed.

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