UWEE Tech Report Series

Kinematic analysis of the Raven-II(TM) research surgical robot platform


Hawkeye King, Blake Hannaford, Sina Nia Kosari, Ji Ma

robotics, surgical robotics, kinematics, raven, cyber physical systems


A detailed kinematic analysis of the Raven-II(TM) surgical robotics research platform is presented which unifies previous approaches. A standardized link frame assignment methodology is presented. There are different frame assignments and kinematic parameters for the left and right arms, but a single set for the instruments. Forward and inverse kinematic analyses are presented. An offset value (a3), when present, requires a numerical solution of the inverse kinematics. A closed form solution is presented for the a3=0 case. (Revised July 16, 2013 to correct eqns 3,4; Revised 18-Mar-2014: more typos and clean-up. Revised 9-Mar-2015 typo in d4, Table 1)

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