Asynchronous Circuits

Asynchronous design has been an active area of research since at least the mid 1950's, but has yet to achieve widespread use. In "Asynchronous Design Methodologies: An Overview" we examine the benefits and problems inherent in asynchronous computations, and in some of the more notable design methodologies. These include Huffman asynchronous circuits, burst-mode circuits, Micropipelines, template-based and Trace Theory-based delay-insensitive circuits, Signal Transition Graphs, Change Diagrams, and compilation-based quasi-delay-insensitive circuits.

This paper is meant to be readable by someone with some experience with logic design, but not necessarily any exposure to asynchronous circuits. It may also serve as a good overview of the field for someone with a strong knowledge of specific asynchronous methodology(ies).

Also relevant to asynchronous circuits is Montage, the first FPGA for asynchronous circuits. The paper "An FPGA For Implementing Asynchronous Circuits", gives a good overview of the architecture and software tools, though the hypertext page Triptych/Montage FPGA Architectures will give a quick taste.

Journal Articles

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Patents, Theses, and Book Chapters

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Workshop Papers

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