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An MSEE for Working and Future Professionals

Whether you recently graduated from an undergraduate program, are already working as a bachelor's level electrical engineer, or want to break into a new field, the UW Professional Master's Program (PMP) may be for you. The Electrical Engineering PMP offers a work-compatible Master's degree in electrical engineering and courses taught by UW Seattle's world class Electrical Engineering faculty. Our faculty's cutting edge research informs their teaching, allowing you to bring the latest ideas to bear in your career. The MSEE degree isn't just for people who want to practice electrical engineering, but is valuable for:

The Future of Electrical Engineering

Exploding fields like alternative energy, robotics, and biomedical technology are providing electrical engineers with an array of rewarding work options. The important problem of creating a secure, sustainable energy supply is creating numerous jobs for electrical engineers in areas such as wind turbine energy and security of power systems. The fields of medical imaging, wireless communications, and consumer electronics also rely heavily on electrical engineers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineers earn among the highest starting salaries among bachelor's degree holders: a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (conducted in 2009) shows that electrical / electronics engineers earn an average starting salary of $60,125. Master's degree holders earn about $10,000 more than bachelor's degree holders. The average salary for electrical engineers overall is $70,941, and electrical engineering salaries increase dramatically with just a few years of work experience.

What it takes

The PMP is designed for both part-time and full-time study, taking anywhere from 1.5 (full-time) to 3 years (part-time) to complete. Students generally take one to three classes per quarter in the evening as well as a quarterly seminar. Summer quarter is optional and provides the opportunity for students to accelerate through the program, should they so choose. The EE Professional Master's Program is is a good value for the money and has competitive tuition rates. View current TUITION RATES.

For Employers

Your employees are your company's most valuable asset and a Master's degree can make your Bachelor's level employees even more valuable. For example, in a consulting business, an MSEE's time can be billed for more than a BSEE's. Funding higher education for your company's team members - who are already trained and aligned with your company's needs - is a great way to strengthen your technical and management ladder from within. An MSEE can help employees grow from an individual contributor role to a management position, or climb your company's technical ladder. Invest in your future ~ support your employees.

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