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Data Sciences


Data sciences are fundamentally transforming nearly every area of engineering, science, and society. The University of Washington’s Electrical Engineering faculty are making fundamental contributions to many different areas of data sciences, including machine learning, AI, optimization, information theory, computer vision, and speech and natural language processing. Many of our data sciences faculty hold secondary appointments in applied mathematics, computer science and engineering, bioengineering, and other departments, and are active participants in cross-disciplinary institutes such as UW’s eScience Institute, the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and the Bloedel Hearing Research Center.


Machine Learning:

Artificial intelligence (AI), mathematical optimization, information theory, and computer vision.

Faculty: Katrin KirchhoffJeffrey A. BilmesLes AtlasMaryam FazelSreeram KannanMari OstendorfMing-Ting SunEli ShlizermanJenq-Neng Hwang

Statistical Signal Processing:

Theory, algorithms, signal processing systems, and signal processing applications (i.e. biomedical, geophysical signals and synthetic signals).

Faculty: Ming-Ting SunLes AtlasJeffrey A. BilmesLinda G. ShapiroYasuo KugaJim PeckolBrian A. NelsonJenq-Neng Hwang

Speech and Natural Language Processing:

Speech recognition, natural language understanding, computational linguistics and web-based language techniques.

Faculty:  Mari OstendorfKatrin KirchhoffJeffrey A. Bilmes

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