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Aug 31
Undergrad Drop-ins

Sept 5
Labor Day

Sept 6
Undergrad Drop-ins

Sept 7
Undergrad Drop-ins

Sept 8
EE Undergraduate Prospective Information Session
2:30pm | EEB 303

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Special Announcements

2016 Bay Area Alumni Reception
UW EE alums, join us for the second annual Bay Area Reception at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif.

Career Fair 2016
Career Fair is the perfect opportunity for students and industry to network and to discuss upcoming job and internship opportunities.

Professors Fu and Majumdar Receive $2M NSF EFRI Grant for Secure Communications Research
Professors Kai-Mei Fu and Arka Majumdar are awarded $2 million from an NSF EFRI Grant to advance the research in quantum-secure communications.

Prof. Josh Smith Receives $1M to Develop New Wireless Device for Rehabilitation
Through an international partnership and alongside the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, Professor Smith develops a device to aid those with spinal cord injuries.

Department News

Professor Babak Parviz Discusses the Critical Significance Technology has on Society
Affiliate Professor Babak Parviz has contributed a number of groundbreaking contributions to technology, including Google Glass; he notes the majort role of society in his inspirations.

Professor Eli Shlizerman Receives Award to Unlock Mosquitoes' Sensory Attraction to Humans
Assistant Professor Eli Shlizerman, along with Associate Professor of Biology Jeff Riffell, receive a four-year AFOSR Grant to study mosquitoes' olfactory system.

UW EE Researchers Deliver First-Ever Implantable Device that 'Talks' Wi-Fi
EE Associate Professor Josh Smith and EE doctoral students, Bryce Kellogg and Vikram Iyer, develop "interscatter communication, communicating between smart devices.

UW EE Alum Mike Lei Leads Smartwatch Revolution with Company Mobvoi
Mike Lei, a 2006 alumnus of EE, is the CTO of Mobvoi, a startup that recently launched the next generation of smartwatches, the hugely successful Ticwatch 2.

WiSE Summer Bridge Students Develop Smart, Stable Walker
As a part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Summer Bridge Program, April Opsvig and Zoe Nelson worked alongside Professor Bushnell to develop the Wise Walker.

Professors Seelig and Patel Receive Microsoft's Prestigious Collaborator Award
Electrical engineering professors, Georg Seelig and Shwetak Patel, are honored with the Microsoft Research's 2016 Outstanding Collaborator Award.

Professors Chizeck and Hannaford Hack Surgical Robot in Motherboard Special
Electrical engineering professors, Howard Chizeck and Blake Hannaford, and researcher, Tamara Bonaci speak with Vice's Motherboard about the dangers of surgical attacks.

EE Students Develop a Piano-Playing Robotic Hand
Electrical engineering students, Huy Nguyen, Yuhao Wang, Qing Ran, Yedi Luo and Jiwei Wang, invent a robotic device that plays the piano.

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