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Professional Master’s Certificate Programs

Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Application Frontiers

In this three-course certificate program, we’ll explore how machine learning is reshaping the world — and what tools you’ll need to help make that happen. Students will learn how to implement and evaluate learning algorithms for a broad range of applications and work with state-of-the-art Python libraries for machine learning, such as NumPy and PyTorch. Students will choose the path of study that most interests them by selecting classes offered through the department’s Professional Master’s Program.

GPU-Accelerated Computing and Visualization

In this hands-on certificate program, we’ll explore how GPU Computing and Scientific Visualization support reshaping and reenvisioning the world in novel dimensions. In a series of three online complementary classes, you’ll learn and apply the theory, practical hands-on skills, and undocumented “black art” techniques required to develop optimized parallel GPU software. We’ll explore in-depth case studies of parallel GPU compute codes and data visualization including machine learning on GPUs (GPU-MPCNN “ConvNets” Deep Learning), biomedical applications, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We’ll utilize the latest highly-parallelized GPU graphics and compute APIs including NVIDIA CUDA and OpenGL, along with the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and NVIDIA software tools.

Applied Cybersecurity Engineering (ACE)

Through project-based learning, we’ll explore both established and emerging application domains, gaining an understanding of how to safeguard digital systems in the context of our modern technological landscape. Beyond acquiring essential skills in threat analysis and mitigation, we’ll delve into advanced subjects including adversarial machine learning, countering advanced persistent threats, securing embedded systems, and leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies for hardware-based cybersecurity. This program addresses the growing demand for cybersecurity expertise in industries that heavily rely on interconnected devices, networks, and software.

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