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Nirav Desai

  • Affiliate Assistant Professor

Nirav S. Desai is a chief technologist in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group where he serves as the practice lead for Immersive and Experiential Technology.  He also serves as the Seattle Innovation Hub lead for the firm’s iHub investment. In his roles, Desai seeks to bridge the divide between the innovation economy and incumbent business models — with an acute focus on augmented reality, Internet of Things, and big data technologies applied to the federal, health and technology sectors. He works with corporate innovation labs, government research centers, universities and startup incubators and accelerators to identify edge technologies that address challenging use-cases. Beyond his work at Booz Allen, Desai serves as a startup mentor for TechStars, a leading startup accelerator with programs in Seattle, Boulder, Austin, Boston, Berlin and others. Additionally, Desai serves as an innovation co-chair for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, with a focus on helping states and municipalities embrace disruption and position for the future economy. Finally, Desai serves as a civic council member for the University of Washington’s Masters in Applied International Studies program with an emphasis on technology policy. Desai has been with Booz Allen for the past 13 years after working at two startups and founding one. He graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in computer science, math and philosophy.

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