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M.P. (Anant) Anantram HeadshotM.P. (Anant) AnantramProfessor; Graduate Program CoordinatorQuantum and bio-nano devices, quantum transport, memory devices, device and materials, theory and modeling, nanotechnologyM218 ECE206-221-5162Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Payman Arabshahi HeadshotPayman ArabshahiProfessor; Associate Chair for Education; Industry LiaisonWireless sensor networks, space and underwater communications, resilience of critical infrastructure, graph optimization 450 ECE206-221-6990Computing and Networking
Les Atlas HeadshotLes AtlasProfessorDigital signal processing, nonstationary processes, machine learning, audio and acoustics, virology 410 ECE206-685-1315Data Science; Biosystems
Jeffrey A. Bilmes HeadshotJeffrey A. BilmesProfessorMachine learning, speech/language/bioinformatics/music, submodularity & discrete optimization418 ECE206-221-5236Data Science; Biosystems
Karl F. Böhringer HeadshotKarl F. BöhringerProfessor; Director, NanoES InstituteMEMS/NEMS, microfluidics, self-assembly, microsystems, nanoengineering 253I ECE206-221-5177Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Samuel Burden HeadshotSamuel BurdenAssociate Professorsensorimotor control, robotics, neuroengineering, cyber-physical systems M442 ECE206-221-3545Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Linda Bushnell HeadshotLinda BushnellResearch ProfessorM342 ECE206-221-6717Computing and Networking; Robotics and Controls
Tai-Chang Chen HeadshotTai-Chang ChenTeaching ProfessorSensors and sensor systems, III-V semiconductors, microfabrication, microfluidics, thin film deposition technology238 PAC206-221-5388
Jungwon Choi HeadshotJungwon ChoiAssistant ProfessorPower electronics, Renewable Energy, Wide bandgap devices, Magnetic designs, and Wireless power transferECE M346685-4241Power and Energy Systems
Scott T. Dunham HeadshotScott T. DunhamProfessor218 ECE206-543-2189Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS); Power and Energy Systems
Serena Eley HeadshotSerena EleyAssistant ProfessorQuantum materials and devices, superconductivity, magnetismM214Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Maryam Fazel HeadshotMaryam FazelMoorthy Family Inspiration Career Development Professor; Lytle Lectureship ChairOptimization, Machine learning, Foundations of Data Science, Control theory230 PAC206-616-4781Robotics and Controls; Data Science
Kai-Mei Fu HeadshotKai-Mei FuVirginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor of Physics and Electrical and Computer EngineeringQuantum and nano-photonics, quantum networks, quantum defects in crystals B445 PAB & 234 ECE206-543-2787Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Akshay Gadre HeadshotAkshay GadreAssistant ProfessorWireless, mobile and cyber-physical systems, space communication and sensingECE 430206-543-0478Computing and Networking; Robotics and Controls; Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Mahmood Hameed HeadshotMahmood HameedAssistant Teaching ProfessorFiber optics and photonics, systems engineering, algorithm development and optimization, digital signals and systems, signal processing, and wireless and telecommunication systemsECE 230206-685-2313Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS); Data Science; Computing and Networking
Blake Hannaford HeadshotBlake HannafordProfessorMedical Robotics and Analytics, Haptic Interfaces, Teleoperation M434 ECE206-543-2197Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Scott Hauck HeadshotScott HauckGaetano Borriello Professor for Educational ExcellenceFPGA Applications, Architectures, Compilers, and CAD Tools; Reconfigurable Computing; FPGAs in High Energy Physics; High-Speed Deep Learning; Computer Engineering Education.307Q ECE206-412-1523Computing and Networking
Rania Hussein HeadshotRania HusseinAssociate Teaching ProfessorEmbedded systems, IoT, image processing, engineering education234 PAC206-616-9950Computing and Networking; Data Science
Jenq-Neng Hwang HeadshotJenq-Neng HwangProfessorMachine Learning, Computer Vision, Multimedia Networking, Image/Video Analytics M426 ECE206-685-1603Data Science
Kim Ingraham HeadshotKim IngrahamAssistant Professorcontrol systems, wearable sensors, roboticsECE M418Robotics and Controls
Daniel Kirschen HeadshotDaniel KirschenDonald W. and Ruth Mary Close ProfessorPower system operation and economics, renewable energy, grid resilienceM326 ECE206-543-2174Power and Energy Systems
Eric Klavins HeadshotEric KlavinsProfessor; ChairSynthetic biology, lab automation, control systems 236 PAC206-221-5270Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Jose Nathan Kutz HeadshotJose Nathan KutzProfessor, Applied Mathematics; Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Adjunct Professor, PhysicsData analysis and reduced order models, dynamical systems, physics-informed machine learning, complex systems and partial differential equations, linear and nonlinear wave propagation, perturbation and asymptotic methods, bifurcation theory, scientific computing, data-driven control theory, mode-locked lasers, neuroscience, sensor networks, and fluid dynamicsLewis Hall #118(206) 685-3029Data Science; Computing and Networking
Mo Li HeadshotMo LiProfessor; Associate Chair for ResearchIntegrated photonics, quantum photonics, NEMS/MEMS, sensorsM246 ECE206-616-6966Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Ang Li HeadshotAng LiAssistant Professor
Lih Lin HeadshotLih LinProfessor; Undergraduate Program CoordinatorPhotonics, perovskite optoelectronics, optical MEMSM414 ECE206-543-2168Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
June Lukuyu HeadshotJune LukuyuAssistant Professordata analytics, computing techniques, energy system modeling, social sciences, integrated energy developmentECE M418Power and Energy Systems
Arka Majumdar HeadshotArka MajumdarAssociate Professor; Qualifying Exam CoordinatorNanophotonics, Integrated quantum optics, Meta-opticsM230 ECE206-616-5558Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Sep Makhsous HeadshotSep MakhsousAssistant Teaching ProfessorEmbedded Systems, Digital Circuits, Controls and Robotics, Biomedical Devices, Image and Signal Processing, Machine Learning ECE 234Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Alex Mamishev HeadshotAlex MamishevProfessor215K ECE206-221-5729Robotics and Controls; Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS); Power and Energy Systems
Sajjad Moazeni HeadshotSajjad MoazeniAssistant ProfessorSystem Integration for Emerging Technologies, Integrated Photonics, Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits, Neurophotonics & Biophotonics ECE M422 206-616-5494Biosystems; Computing and Networking; Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Chet Moritz HeadshotChet MoritzCJ and Elizabeth Yun Hwang Endowed ProfessorExperimental neuroscience, communication and interfaceM450 ECE206-616-0643Biosystems
Sara Mouradian HeadshotSara MouradianAssistant ProfessorQuantum Information, Integrated PhotonicsNanoES 394425-270-8455Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Hossein Naghavi HeadshotHossein NaghaviAssistant ProfessorMillimeter-wave and terahertz integrated electronics, Applied electromagnetics, Bioelectromagnetics ECE 442206-543-6061Computing and Networking; Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS); Biosystems
Amy Orsborn HeadshotAmy OrsbornClare Boothe Luce Assistant Professorbrain-computer interfaces, sensorimotor control systems, engineered brain plasticity, adaptive decoding and multi-agent learning M430 ECE206-616-2049Biosystems
Mari Ostendorf HeadshotMari OstendorfSystem Design Methodologies Professor; Vice Provost for ResearchSpeech and language processing, conversational AI, computational models of prosody, applications of language processing, machine learning 215D ECE206-221-5748Data Science
Max Parsons HeadshotMax ParsonsResearch Assistant Professor; Director, Quantum Technologies Training and Testbed (QT3) LabECE 222 and B023
(206) 543-9689Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Shwetak N. Patel HeadshotShwetak N. PatelWashington Research Foundation Endowed ProfessorUbiquitous computing, sensing, human-computer interaction, embedded systems540 PACBiosystems; Data Science; Computing and Networking
Radha Poovendran HeadshotRadha PoovendranProfessor ECE 434206-543-6515Computing and Networking; Data Science
John Raiti HeadshotJohn Raiti Associate Teaching ProfessorRobotics and Controls, Biosystems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected DevicesGlobal Innovation Exchange Room 115206-897-9028
Lillian Ratliff HeadshotLillian RatliffAssociate Professor; Dhanani Endowed Faculty Fellowship recipientMachine learning, game theory, decision-making, optimization, artificial intelligence 426 ECE206-543-6244Robotics and Controls; Data Science
Matt Reynolds HeadshotMatt ReynoldsAssociate ProfessorUltra-low power sensing and computation, RFID, wireless power transfer, biomedical applications, and smart materials and surfaces M226 ECE206-616-5046Robotics and Controls; Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS); Biosystems
James A. Ritcey HeadshotJames A. RitceyProfessor454 ECE206-543-4702Computing and Networking
Sumit Roy HeadshotSumit RoyIntegrated Systems Professor5G & beyond wireless networking, software-defined radios/networks, spectrum sharing M330 ECE206-221-5261Computing and Networking
Chris Rudell HeadshotChris RudellAssociate ProfessorAnalog, RF and mm-Wave Integrated Circuits Design, Wireless Systems, Integrated Biomedical Applications, PET Imaging Electronics M410 ECE206-685-1600Biosystems; Computing and Networking
Georg Seelig HeadshotGeorg SeeligProfessorSynthetic biology, DNA computing, genomics228 PAC206-616-3885Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Linda G. Shapiro HeadshotLinda G. ShapiroProfessor; Boeing Professor in Computer Science & Engineeringcomputer vision, pattern recognition, medical image analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence634 PAC206-543-2196Data Science; Biosystems
C. J. Richard Shi HeadshotC. J. Richard ShiProfessorMachine learning hardware, integrated circuit design, electronic design automation 210 ECE206-221-5291Data Science; Biosystems; Computing and Networking
Eli Shlizerman HeadshotEli ShlizermanAssociate Professor of Applied Mathematics and Electrical & Computer Engineering; Washington Research Foundation Professor for Data-intensive Discovery Machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence and neural engineering446 ECE206-685-1979Robotics and Controls; Data Science; Biosystems
Joshua R. Smith HeadshotJoshua R. SmithMilton and Delia Zeutschel Professor in Entrepreneurial Excellence; PMP Faculty CoordinatorSensor systems; wireless power; sensing for robotics; ubiquitous computing; personal robotics556 PAC206-685-2094Biosystems; Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS); Power and Energy Systems
Michael B. Taylor HeadshotMichael B. TaylorProfessorComputer Architecture, VLSI, Deep Learning / Machine Learning Hardware, Bitcoin Mining Hardware, Open Source Hardware & RISC-V, ASIC Clouds564 PACComputing and Networking
Denise M. Wilson HeadshotDenise M. WilsonProfessor; Academic Progress Coordinator; Peer-Teaching Review Coordinator; Associate Chair for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)Chemicals sensors, solar cell systems, wearable sensors, engineering education, women in the engineering workforceM222 ECE206-221-5238Electronic, Photonic, and Integrated Quantum Systems (EPIQS)
Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad HeadshotAzadeh Yazdan-ShahmoradWashington Research Foundation Innovation Associate ProfessorM454 ECE(206) 543-6127Biosystems
Baosen Zhang HeadshotBaosen ZhangKeith and Nancy Rattie Endowed Career Development Professor; Awards CoordinatorPower systems, optimization, control, AIM310 ECE206-616-3818Computing and Networking; Power and Energy Systems; Robotics and Controls