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2017 UW EE Capstone Fair

June 14, 2017

The 2017 UW Electrical Engineering Capstone Fair

Photo by: Tara Brown.

On May 30, our students showcased their projects to peers, industry professionals and faculty.
UW EE capstones are the culmination of a student’s electrical engineering education. Over 30
projects were presented, addressing issues on health, the environment, power and energy and
technology. To get a detailed look at the projects, please view the program below.

The 2017 Program


Congratulations to the OceanLens team

Throughout the evening, peers, industry partners and faculty voted on the
best capstone project. The Booz Allen Hamilton OceanLens team received
the grand prize presented to a project. Congratulations to the team –
Will Butterton, Yicheng Wang, Justin Skubic and Jared Nakahara!

Bottom, from left: Yicheng Wang and Jared Nakahara. Top, from left: Will Butterton and Justin Skubic. Photo by: Tara Brown.


To view photos from the event, please look at our online album below.

Photo by: Tara Brown.

Thank you

Thank you to our industry sponsors, who mentored students as a part of our UW
Electrical Engineering Entrepreneurial Capstone Program (ENGINE). Thank you to
UW EE alum Tom Doyle (BSEE ’64) for his endowed scholarship, which supports
our students’ education. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Milton
Zeutschel (BSEE ’60) and Delia Zeutschel. Through endowing the ENGINE program,
the Zeutschels are helping to secure the futures of UW EE engineers and promoting
local and statewide innovation.

Alum Tom Doyle and UW EE Chair Radha Poovendran. Photo by: Tara Brown.

Alum Milton Zetuschel. Photo by: Tara Brown.